About the Sunshine Coast jewellers behind our natural gemstone creations

Once upon a time, a jeweller and his wife moved to the Sunshine Coast…


It all started in 1998, when newly wed couple, Mark and Shelley, established Mark Evans Fine Jewellery. Having been a jeweller in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England for more than 18 years, Mark decided he’d learned everything there was to know in his home country. Together, he and Shelley headed for Australia, fusing their creativity and love of distinctive, exquisite jewellery by opening their own store.


The Sunshine Coast welcomed them with open arms, enthralled by their work featuring stunning natural gemstones. Mark and Shelley found, like the uniqueness of a gemstone, people want their jewellery to reflect their individuality. Together, they want to change the way people think about jewellery. It’s not just a pretty thing. It’s an heirloom. A moment captured in time. A tangible memory to share with future generations.


While Mark and Shelley love bringing the creations people have in their minds to life, they also bring their own visions to life.


“Mark will often be working away at the bench when I come bursting from the office, pen and paper in hand, with an idea for a particular loose gemstone yet to find its home. The design often gets tucked away in a drawer full of ideas, however, slowly, every one of them is coming to life.”



Mark and Shelley consider themselves proud parents to every piece of jewellery they create. You can get in touch with them at their store in Maroochydore.